Thursday, March 30, 2017

A relaxing day in Buffalo River State Park

After a pretty stressful month, not just watching what happened earlier this week, but just a very busy month with the end of hockey and everything else, I took the day off and went hiking at the Buffalo River State Park and brought along my camera.

I was hoping for more wildlife today, maybe see some deer, but they all appeared to be hiding.  Instead, I had a couple of Robins who followed me around a good portion of my hike today!

Nice little bend in the Buffalo River.  No ice on the river.  

Here's two of the robins which were following me around. 

I could hear them long before I could see them!  

I love listening to the running water.  I stood here for probably 10 minutes just watching and listening to the water run. 

Two Robins, caught mid-fight.  

I think this little guy followed me around for about 45 minutes.  He was always right behind me.  Every once in a while I'd hear a chirp out of him, but he just kept a close eye on me.

Still watching me. 
 As I was getting ready to leave, I could hear some more geese honking away on a section of river.  I made my way down the trail to where I thought they would be, and they just hung out for a little while, and then took off.

My camera wasn't quite on the right setting for today, with the sun being almost directly overhead, so it made for a difficult shot.

Overall, a very enjoyable spring day!

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