Thursday, April 4, 2013

This storm from 5-24-2008 wasn't much, but a crummy shelf.  And it wasn't even that impressive, but if I remember correctly, it was the first chase of 2008.

This storm I believe had earlier produced a tornado near the ND/SD border, but was rapidly weakening.

Leading edge of the storm near Leonard, ND
The shelf wasn't even looking that impressive, but....does it get more interesting?

Not looking too bad, right?
As it is getting closer, I'm starting to see some more structure to it.

Getting closer....
By this time I had moved a little further to the south and west.
Getting a little more something....

A little bit later on, I re-positioned myself a little trying to get a better view on the backside of this thing.

Hi there!

My name is Wall Cloud!  
It really didn't hang around too long, and it was getting gusted out.  Then the rain started. 

By this time, the storm really had started to lose it's punch, and it was getting dark.  I would have stayed out longer, but there was hardly any lightning and it really didn't pay to stay out if I couldn't see anything.  I really had to adjust my camera in order to get these photos, which is why they look a little grainy. 

One last shot before the drive home.

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